Food and Shelter

As formerly homeless people are housed, MOW West delivers healthy meals and referrals to additional social services that help maintain stability, health & wellness.

In 2018 LA County homelessness increased by 12 percent.  City of Los Angeles homeless increased by 16 percent. There are more than 59,000 homeless people in Los Angeles and 44,000 are unsheltered. The overlooked fact is that 20,000 people were housed in Los Angeles County in 2018. Santa Monica only had a 3% increase in homeless people. Santa Monica’s mandated housing programs and supportive programs work.

Meals on Wheels West is part of the solution to homelessness and helps with homeless prevention. Our Food and Shelter program provided more than 17,000 meals to formerly homeless people in Santa Monica and Venice. We also partner with numerous other agencies.

Charles is a single father, veteran and worked as a nurse for 35 consecutive years. He never thought he would be in a predicament of being homeless. However, once he became severely injured, he had a hard time making his house payment and eventually became homeless. With the help of a myriad of agencies, Charles was able to find and stay in permanent supportive housing and Meals on Wheels West has helped to provide the stability needed for Charles to get healthy again.