COVID Vaccines are for Everyone!

Protect yourself and others.

For assistance getting vaccinated:
Call LA County Dept. of Public Health 833-540-0473, 7 days a week (8:00am to 8:30pm)

Funding is provided by WeVAX+, a program of the Public Health Institute, through funding from the State of California Government Operations Agency

Delivering More Than a Meal.

Delivered more than 200,000 meals last year.

Give the Gift of Meals!

Help your community by delivering meals or donating to provide meals!

Serving Los Angeles County’s coastal communities since 1974.

Get Meals

Meals Delivered to Your Door
Medically Appropriate Meals
Meals Made Fresh Daily
Farmer’s Market Fruit & Vegetables


In just a few hours, you can deliver food and friendship in your community.


Your donation can help provide community based services that nourish and enrich the lives of your neighbors.