Background Check

Easy to Complete Online

Meals On Wheels West is committed to maintaining the trust of our homebound disabled and elderly clients and providing the best quality of service. It is important for our clients, volunteers and financial contributors to feel safe and protected. Your security is just as important, and we want you to know that you are in trusted company. To reach this goal, Meals On Wheels West is asking every paid staff member and volunteer to complete a background check.

Instructions for completing a background check

This should only take about 5 minutes!
You will need:
  • Your Social Security Number or Government ID, such as a Passport, State ID, etc.
  • Driver’s License information
  • A computer connected to the Internet
    1. Click here
    2. Click on “New: Request a Background Check”
    3. Click on the picture of California
    4. Click on “Meals on Wheels West # 425″
    5. Read all information and click “Get Started”
    6. Identify your role by clicking the circle next to “I am a candidate to volunteer” and click “Continue”
    7. Read all Consent to Disclosure and click each box. Fill out Electronic Signature information. Then, click “Continue”
    8. Complete all fields on the personal information page and then click “Continue” and please be sure to include your driver’s license information.

(You may obtain the report file by contacting, Compliance Dept., PO Box 491570, Redding, CA 96049 or fax 888-999-3839 or by email if you had checked the box within the form)

Congratulations! You’ve completed the check!

Thank you for your time and your interest in helping Meals On Wheels West.
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