Miss Lilly’s Pet Program




Keeping people and pets TOGETHER

Many Meals On Wheels West clients enjoy the companionship of pets. People with pets feel less isolated, are happier and healthier. Meals On Wheels West cares and helps keep our clients and their beloved companions together.

Thanks to the leadership of Carson Bond, the passion of entrepreneur Bebe Flynn and the generosity of Centinela Feed & Pet Supply and Banfield Charitable Trust, Meals On Wheels West is providing our clients with pet food.

We learned that 80% of seniors who own pets shared their meals often feeding them before they ate themselves. It is important that both people and pets eat properly and pet owners do not share their food with their beloved pets.

MOW West is now providing emergency vet care to the four-legged friends of our current clients thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Donations towards the purchase of pet food and emergency vet care are needed and appreciated

or contact Kevin at 310-394-5133 x 5 or Kevin@MealsOnWheelsWest.org



Banfield Charitable Trust




Banfield Charitable Trust keeps pets and people together. Since 2004, BCT has been helping vulnerable pet owners such as homebound seniors, the unemployed and the disabled who benefit from the companionship and support of their pet. Through donor support, BCT assists these pet owners struggling to meet their pets’ veterinary and pet care needs and supports innovative local programs that get at the root causes of pet surrender to shelters. Visit banfieldcharitabletrust.org to learn more about BCT’s work.

Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies




Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies is proud to partner with Miss Lilly’s Trading Company, Gamma Plastics and First Care Animal Health in providing pet food and vet care to the pets of Meals On Wheels West’s homebound clients. This is a community partnership that ensures that our clients’ pets are well nourished by providing bulk food to Meals On Wheels West for distribution to appropriate clients on a regular and sustainable basis. This community partnership was launched in September 2012 and continues to grow.

Miss Lilly’s Trading Company





Bebe Flynn founded Miss Lilly’s – named after her little rescue dog – to combine her passion for baking scrumptious cookies and brownies with an important cause.
While volunteering with Meals on Wheels, Bebe learned that 80% of seniors who own pets share their meals with them, often feeding their pets before themselves.
A portion of Miss Lilly’s proceeds provides seniors with food for their pets, so they can both get the nourishment they need.

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