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Meals Made Fresh Daily.  We serve people of all ages and all incomes. Call (310) 394-5133 ext. 1

“I had kidney disease.  Your program was a great help to me at a period of high stress in my life.  Thank you so much.” -Helen, Santa Monica client

Following hospitalization or illness, proper nutrition, special diets and consistent healthy eating plays a critical role in healthy healing, wellbeing and independence. We offer short and long term meal delivery programs.

No matter why a person is homebound, a recent hospital stay, poor health, accident or disability, they often face the major difficulties of poor nutrition, limited mobility and isolation. Meals On Wheels West is a part of the solution. We deliver medically appropriate meals and a Wellness Check to our homebound clients.

Every weekday our caring volunteers deliver a healthy nutritious lunch, a light dinner, a daily newspaper, fresh produce and information about community programs to our clients.

Our meals are nutritionally balanced and low sodium

Our clients receive meals certified by a Los Angeles County registered dietitian. Meals On Wheels West meals can be prepared specifically for diabetic, kidney/ renal patients, low potassium diets and additional special diet needs.

Diabetic meals: A hot, well balanced lunch specifically created for diabetics helps maintain healthy weight and normal blood sugar levels.

Kidney/renal meals: Our nutritious renal meals limit the amount of phosphorus, potassium and sodium and may enhance kidney function.

Daily meals: Our regular, Delivering More Than a Meal, home delivered hot, well balanced lunch is certified by Los Angeles County as low sodium. Limiting sodium in your diet helps prevent high blood pressure and enhances overall health.

Please consult your physician about your dietary needs. Nutrition needs vary from person to person depending on age, body size, activity, family history, and health conditions. Additionally Meals On Wheels West contacts our client’s primary physician prior to beginning meal delivery.

Our meals are low cost and you may qualify for a subsidy

Eligibility:  Homebound residents who have difficulty in shopping and cooking are eligible. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please give us a call. We offer short and long term meal delivery programs. No one is refused meals due to inability to pay.



Getting Started

Fill Out Our Intake Form

To start we need you to complete and return to us your Intake Form or we can help you do that over the phone. Some of the information you’ll provide includes:

– Your address and special needs
– Doctor’s contact information
– Two emergency contacts