You Can Make A GIANT DIFFERENCE In Someone’s Life


September 2013 Donor List


$40 – Feeds 5 people for one day.
$56 – Feeds 1 person for an entire week!
$240 – Provides meals and friendly faces for 1 person for a full month!
$2,920 – Provides 1 person daily meals and the ability to live independently with dignity for a year!


    We offer a fun opportunity for giving through our “Adopt” program. A consistent weekly/monthly commitment “to be of service” through financial support, or in-kind or volunteer support.

On-Going Financial Support
Adopt-a-Client: $186 a month provides 2 meals every day for 1 homebound person
Adopt-a-Route: $2,604 a month provides 2 meals for an entire route of 14 people

Volunteer or In-Kind Support
Employers, sponsor a volunteer opportunity for your employees. Adopt-a-Route allows your employees to deliver meals regularly. 

Delivery occurs 11am -1pm Monday through Friday.  We prefer a consistent weekly/monthly commitment.  For more details, contact our volunteer coordinator Joanna Vasquez at 310-394-7558 or

Planned Giving

    Take advantage of our new Legacy Planning Program to provide thousands of meals for years to come. Some benefits include:
  • Transferring more assets & property to your heirs
  • Getting charitable tax deductions now for giving later
  • Liquidating real estate in a tax-advantaged way
  • Securing a lifetime income
  • Minimizing income, capital gain and wealth transfer tax

For more information, contact RoseMary Regalbuto at 310-394-5133, extension 4 or


No matter what the age or condition, your vehicle donation will be picked up. Donate your used vehicle by clicking below. Please select “Meals On Wheels West” from the drop down menu.

Donate Your Vehicle

Thank You

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Logo We thank federal employees for their continued support through their participation in the Combined Federal Campaign.

Our CFC agency code #57130

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