Volunteers are the lifeline of our organization … The Wheels!

Without the volunteers performing the home delivery of two meals a day, our homebound neighbors would be malnourished and isolated. Often our volunteers are the only person that they get to see or talk to all day. With two meals, a daily visit and a reassuring phone call, our homebound neighbors are able to remain in their own homes, well nourished and living independently.

Feed Your Soul While You Feed Your Homebound Neighbors

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A Meals On Wheels West volunteer, Arno, wrote this poem, “The Open Door Policy” on September 23, 1997. Arno was know as “Mr. Rhyme Man.” At he time he wrote the poem, he was 90 years young and had been delivering meals with a poem for 9 years.

The Open Door Policy
The mood I’m in when I’m the giver
Of the Meals On Wheels, which I deliver

Grows gladder and stronger, and springs to the fore,
The closer I come to your open door.

Which tells me, not so much of your need,
As of how you greet a friend, indeed.

Of how you await, at your open door mat,
Along with the meals, a friendly chat,

Which enhances the day for the both of us,
And contributes a good deal for the growth of us,

You talk of your family, I talk of mine,
“Any problems with health? Oh no, they’re fine.”

We get around to talk of the times,
The terrible tragedies, the horrible crimes.

Then, it’s, “See ya next week, we’ll talk some more
When we meet again at your open door.”

A Volunteer’s Christmas Poem

When I was younger, I was into hunger
Of elderly shut-ins you see.
I revved up my wheels, loaded my meals
and passed them out generously.
I think they enjoyed it, the food and the visit.
They all took it most graciously.

But now I’ve grown old, I stay out of the cold
Kind folks bring my good meals to me.
I am astounded to find I’m surrounded
With so many friends near and far.

You’re all dearer than treasure by a very large measure
And I’m please as punch that you are.
So Merry Christmas to all
From a duly certified nonagenarian
And thank you for all that you do.