Our Programs

Every weekday, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, our compassionate volunteers deliver to your homebound neighbors in need of meals and companionship.

Delivering More Than a Meal

Our main program that delivers a LA County dietician approved hot lunch and light dinner to homebound seniors, the disabled, and the chronically ill of all ages. The daily Wellness Check monitors the health and wellness of our clients.

Supporting Veterans on the Homefront

Cost-free meals are delivered to veterans of all ages. The daily friendly visit and Wellness Check reduces isolation of older veterans and helps recent veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

Heal Healthy at Home

Medically appropriate home-delivered meals are provided to recently discharged hospital and rehab facilities patients decreasing rehospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Food and Shelter

As formerly homeless people are housed, we deliver healthy meals and referrals to additional social services that help maintain stability.

Connecting Generations

An intergenerational volunteer initiative that encourages young people to give back to their community. We team young volunteers with adult drivers to deliver meals to seniors and other MOW West clients.

Keeping People and Pets Together

MOW West provides pet food and emergency veterinarian treatment to the pets of our low income clients. The Center for Disease Control reports that having pets has measurable health benefits and decreases loneliness.

Emergency Preparedness

We provide all our clients an emergency preparedness kit that includes three days of food and water, an emergency radio/flashlight, space blankets and survival information.

Fresh Off the Vine

We deliver fresh produce to our clients thanks to generous donations from the Santa Monica Farmers Market and the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market.

Getting Started

Fill Out Our Intake Form

To start we need you to complete and return to us your Intake Form or we can help you do that over the phone. Some of the information you’ll provide includes:

– Your address and special needs
– Doctor’s contact information
– Two emergency contacts