Meet our clients.

Virginia D, 104

Getting my daily meals delivered means I can stay in my home, on my own. And not have to move to assisted living.

This service means that I can stay here in my home and I like it here. It’s very sunny and I know the neighborhood well. I am happy where I am.

I’ve been with MOWW for two years now. I’ve gotten to know the volunteers, and it’s nice to see them every day. I also enjoy the paper they bring to me.

The most important thing is that I feel like I am on my own – that I have independence. Without MOWW, I’d have to move to extended care and I wouldn’t have the freedom to do what I like.

I have been in California for 70 years. I’m the only one left in my family except for my son who lives back in Delaware. He comes to visit every year but otherwise, it’s just me. I get out and socialize and like to visit with the volunteers when they come.

Client Photos

“I had kidney disease.  Your program was a great help to me at a period of high stress in my life.  Thank you so much.” – Helen, Santa Monica client